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 March 2011 (check local listings)
LAWRENCE WELK’S BIG BAND SPLASH, hosted by bandleader and trumpeter Doc Severinsen, is a celebration of the Big Band Era’s classic hits, performed by the great Welk Band and the talented Musical Family on the popular “Lawrence Welk Show.” Broadcast on network television from 1955 to 1982, the Welk Show has been a popular weekly series on many public television stations since 1987. LAWRENCE WELK’S BIG BAND SPLASH is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning March 5, 2011 and airing throughout March.

Included in this special is Doc’s guest appearance on “The Lawrence Welk Show” in 1972, playing the Oscar-winning song, “Love Story.” And the Welk Band salutes Doc — the conductor of “The Tonight Show” Band for Johnny Carson from 1967 to 1992 — with a performance of his signature song, “Johnny’s Theme.”

This brand-new PBS special, the 17th Lawrence Welk special to be produced for public television, pays tribute to 25 legendary bandleaders including Glenn Miller, Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Les Brown, Count Basie, Ben Bernie, Artie Shaw, Clyde McCoy, Pete Fountain, Harry James, Bob Crosby, Sammy Kaye, Ted Lewis, Duke Ellington, Paul Whiteman, Ray Anthony, Doc Severinsen and many others.  

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