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Introducing a full line of custom trumpets by the widely acclaimed brass instrument manufacturer, S.E. Shires Company.

Please visit Buy Phentermine 37.5 Weight Loss for complete information on our full line of C and Bb trumpets including the new ‘Doc’ Severinsen model, Destino Generation 3!

“Hi, it’s me, ‘Doc’ Severinsen, and I’m back again with one of the greatest trumpets ever made – the “Destino Generation 3.” I had a hiatus making horns because of a lack of somebody who shared my dreams and ambitions, and then a good friend recommended Steve Shires – someone who shares my ideals about what a really fine trumpet should be and can be. In his factory are about 25 craftsmen who are also professional, working brass players who totally understand what is involved in making great brass instruments. The horns are completely made there – no outsourcing. I have never asked for something to be done and met with an excuse or reason why it couldn’t be done. Instead, complete enthusiasm and a desire to get it right. I truly love this horn and it loves me back. I feel that if I am willing to practice there is no limit to what I can accomplish on this horn.”