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Johnny Carson called him “the greatest trumpeter in the world” in 1972.
Robert Moody, music director of the Winston-Salem Symphony, also said that he is one of the finest trumpet players in the world. But Carl H. “Doc” Severinsen, 89 and still playing about 50 dates a year, is hedging his bets.
“The trumpet is a jealous mistress,” Severinsen said by phone from his home in Maryville, Tenn. “Some days you can be the best player in the world, and some days you think, ‘What is this thing?’ Anybody who thinks he’s the greatest in the world is in for a bad day.”
Severinsen will join the symphony for a pops concert on Saturday at Reynolds Auditorium and will bring a few musicians and singers with him.
“I have two operatic singers,” Severinsen said. “Joe Wilson is a tenor …. I asked him, ‘Is there any reason that you couldn’t do some Frank Sinatra numbers?’ and he said, ‘I’m from New Jersey!’ — and he does really well.
“Vanessa Thomas; she is scary. That girl can sing flat-out. I found her by a strange coincidence in a small town in northwest Kansas. I was getting ready to do a Christmas show in Minnesota. I said. ‘Do you know any Christmas songs?’ and she came out with Mozart’s ‘Alleluia.’ She’s been singing with me for six or seven years now — great operatic singing and incredible blues …. They are incredible talents. I’m proud to bring them to Winston-Salem.”
Musical life
Severinsen said the concert will be about his life in music.
He was on “The Tonight Show” with Carson for 30 years, starting as a musician and taking over as bandleader when Skitch Henderson left in 1967. After “The Tonight Show” ended on a Friday night in 1992, Severinsen and his band got on a bus the next day and started touring. They are still at it, with a repertoire that includes Ellington and Basie standards, pop, jazz, ballads and big band classics.
“Everywhere we go, people know us,” he said.
Born in the small town of Arlington, Ore., in 1927, Severinsen began his formal music training when he was 7, but before that he played an Army bugle that some neighbors found in their basement.
“It never occurred to me that it should have a mouthpiece. I just took that thing and blew on it,” he said. “The person that gave me that Army bugle was the governor of Oregon a few years later. To me, he was Uncle Earl. He and ‘Aunt’ Edith adopted me as my also-parents.”
Earl Snell was secretary of state of Oregon 1935-1943 and governor 1943-1947.
Their association gave Severinsen some perspective on the world.
“I lived in a town of 600 people in the desert. I’d get on the bus in the morning and get to Salem (the capital of Oregon) in the evening to visit Uncle Earl,” Severinsen said. “I saw a distinct difference, and I think I liked the governor’s mansion. It put me in a position to see what politics could be like.” Severinsen said he contemplated going into politics — for a minute.
Severinsen was invited to join the high school band when he was still 7. At 12, he won the Music Educator’s National Contest and, while still in high school, was hired to go on the road with the Ted Fio Rito Orchestra. His stay with the group was cut short by the draft. He served in the Army during World War II and following his discharge, landed in the Charlie Barnett Band. When it broke up, Severinsen toured with the Tommy Dorsey and the Benny Goodman bands in the late ’40s.
He moved to New York City in 1949 to become a staff musician for NBC, which led to his longtime gig on “The Tonight Show.”
Long collaboration
Moody and Severinsen performed together many times when both were at the Phoenix (Ariz.) Symphony. Moody served as associate, then resident conductor from 1998 through 2006, overlapping with Severinsen’s tenure there as principal pops conductor. Severinsen is also pops director emeritus of the Minnesota Orchestra. Over the years, he has been principal pops conductor with the Milwaukee Symphony, the Colorado Symphony, the Pacific Symphony and the Buffalo Philharmonic.
Moody will the be official conductor Saturday, but, he said, “I will have so little to do. I will stand there, and he will make fun of me, and I will laugh.”
“No, I won’t do that,” Severinsen said. “Well, I might poke a little fun at it him, but he can turn it right around and hand it back to me.”
Severinsen said that he has trumpets all over his house — on the bed, the kitchen counter, in the bathroom — and that he plays on and off all day.
“Nobody practices like he does,” Moody said. “He arrives (at the concert hall) four hours early and just plays. He must have lips of iron.”
“I get there early if it has a good stairwell,” Severinsen said. “The first thing I do when I get to town is find a stairwell and soul food — collard greens and fried chicken and black-eyed peas, and rice and gravy. The part of Oregon that I’m from, they came over the Oregon Trail from the South.
“I like Southern food from this country, and I especially like Italian food.”
How, then, does he stay so trim? “I work out in the gym. I was complaining about a little health problem recently, and my girlfriend said, ‘You did a 5-minute plank the other day!’
“I like to work out hard. It’s the best thing in the world, if you want to live a long time and feel good doing it.”
He should know. “I’ve had an interesting life. I’ve been married four times, and my life now is with a person … girlfriend who is a music professor at University of Tennessee.
“I’m into my great-grandchildren now, and their mother, my granddaughter, is a fabulous musician.”
Visited town before
This will not be Severinsen’s first trip to Winston-Salem. He said he visited here many years ago to buy a quarter horse for his daughter, Robin. He has four other children: Nancy, Cindy, Allen and Judy.
“I’m proud of how well they all turned out.”
He thinks it’s great that Bob Dylan won a Nobel Prize for literature.
“I think it’s wonderful. He’s an unusual person, and that makes him seem a lot more real to people …. he is a poet and writer first — and a musician second …. He sings about little things — freedom and love,” Severinsen said with a trace of irony in his voice.
Severinsen is also real to people, Moody said.
“I conducted Doc last March for the Dallas Symphony,” Moody said. “He spearheaded a benefit for Ryan Anthony, the lead trumpet player there.”
“I didn’t spearhead it,” Severinsen said. “Ryan had a really bad form of cancer, and we wanted to raise some money. People started getting on board with it. It was a wonderful evening because all the money went into the hands of the people who needed it … and he’s cancer-free now, and we’re going to do it again.
“I just show up and talk to everybody I know. It was an all-star lineup, and it was a great time.”
It does seem that wherever Severinsen goes, people get on board and have a great time.
As Moody said, “The guy’s a monster.”
In a good way. (336) 727-7298

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By Brett Turner
Contributing Writer
SPRINGFIELD — With Grammy Awards and a place on one of the greatest shows in television history in his past, you’d think legendary trumpet player and “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” big band leader Doc Severinsen would slow down in his golden years.
Not when he can still play music “Once More With Feeling,” his show based on his bestselling recording.
Severinsen and his 17-piece band will open the Springfield Arts Council’s Broadway and Beyond season at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22 at the Clark State Performing Arts Center.
The show is presented by the Springfield Arts Council.
A frequent performer in Springfield over the years, Severinsen, age 89, is excited to be stopping here once again.
“These are the kind of people who like my music and that makes me want to come back and perform,” he said.
He has an association here beyond music. A quarter horse enthusiast, Severinsen often came here to visit the late Blair Folck, who raised horses, and often enjoyed a meal with the family.
“I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of the family at the show,” said Severinsen.
Since “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” left the air 24 years ago, Severinsen and his band have toured all over, mixing a variety of standards including “In a Sentimental Mood,” “Georgia on My Mind,” “Sing, Sing, Sing” and “12 O’Clock Jump.”
Vocalist Vanessa Thomas adds a new dimension on songs such as “When You’re Smiling” and “Singing in the Rain.”
“She’s really a fabulous singer. She comes out on stage and just takes over,” he said.
Expect his usual colorful and offbeat wardrobe, which Severinsen said has become as big a part of his identity as his trumpet.
He’ll begin the concert with one of the most familiar theme songs in television history, “Johnny’s Theme,” which opened “The Tonight Show” for years.
Severinsen said the show was so special, because Carson had the brightest mind of anybody he knew and the band had to be paying attention.
“We went to work every day with no idea what could happen,” he said, laughing.
Living an active life keeps Severinsen going. He still rides horses, works out, watches what he eats, surrounds himself with friends and thinks positive thoughts.
He’s even planning how his 100th birthday in 2027 will go — with friends on an all-day trail ride.
Then Severinsen will likely pick up his trumpet and play.
“My wife asked me about retiring, and I said ‘why,’ because it tells me who I am. My music is my way of life.
“If I’m not playing, I get no fun out of that. Playing and a good cigar is what will get you through the day.”

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Civic Music debuts new season with no holds barred.
Concert Review, September 22, 2013 By Bob Saar for The Hawk Eye

Burlington Civic Music kicked off its new season Sunday afternoon at Memorial Auditorium with a bang that compelled the huge audience to whimper.

The Doc Severinsen Big Band gave the old building new life, as though it had been waiting 80 years for them to show up.

Severinsen, renowned high-note trumpeter, sideman to Tommy Dorsey and Benny Goodman, was Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show” band director for 30 years.

An elegant intro by Civic Music president Barbara McRoberts, and pow! – Severinsen and his band bopped a piece of the “Tonight Show” theme before leaping into “We’re in the Money.”

What a band. What a band!

“How’re you feeling, folks?” Doc asked the crowd, and they cheered like prison inmates for Miley Cyrus. “Sounds like a riot’s about to break out,” he yelped.

Severinsen introduced the second number as “my impression of an older man tap-dancing his way into eternity,” then drifted sideways into a monologue about aging.

“I am not going quietly into the night,” he said, and the crowd bellowed their approval.

Quite simply, this band is the best musical crew to hit a Burlington stage in decades. We’ve seen great shows at Steamboat Days, The Washington, the auditorium, the Blue Shop, but none have reached the soaring heights of Doc Severinsen and his band.

That’s right, no one. There’s isn’t a touring country or rock act that can generate the raw music power of Severinsen’s group. They were super-tight, super-hip and super grooved. They were pumped, bad and loud, the way big band jazz should be. Plenty of bass. All brass; no wimpy strings in Doc’s band.

They played brawny, fat, in-your-face arrangements and they were tight, very tight.

And Doc Severinsen can play. His face got all red and spotty on his solos, but an 86-year-old man can be excused- he squealed the high notes like a teenage girl at a Beatles concert.

OK, enough of that. They looked good, too.

From the ground up, Severinsen sported black patent leather loafers, lime green slacks, a hunter-safety-orange shirt and a jacket that made one imagine a Mexican peacock caught in a child’s rhinestone dream.

A chile pepper-red scarf poked out of his left pocket like an imp.

The band wore dark suits with matching ties: yellow for the trumpets, orange for the ‘bones, blue for the saxes and pink for the bassist and drummer.

Severinsen started up the Basie bash, “Jumping at the Woodside” with a warning: “All I can tell you, kids, is jump back-you could get burned.”

The band – four trumpets, three trombones, five saxes, piano, bass and drums- made it all look easy. Horn solos were high up in the realm of Doc’s forays, and Mary Louise Knutson’s keyboard work
was superb.

Ernie Watts’ solo: Yow! Wow! Holy cow! Triplet city! Hot note stampede! What a saxman. What a saxman!

Then they brought out Vanessa Thomas for a few numbers.

She owned the room from the start of “Singing in the Rain.”

Thomas has a rich voice, able to dig deep into the darkest corners of heartbreak and high into the hidden comers of the soul, always floating on a perfect vibrato with enough power to make the horns
work just a little harder to keep up with her.

What a voice. What a voice!

She treated the crowd to the Charlie Chaplin chestnut, “Smile,” while the band cradled her easy, mellow ballad. Then Severinsen shouted, “All right, girl, heat it up now!” and they segued into a hot
jump version of “When You’re Smiling.”

Severinsen’s blues solo on “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face” mesmerized the audience.

It went on like that until the very end. A snaky “Caravan,” the aching lament of “Georgia,” a drum solo on “Sing Sing Sing” that electrocuted the room.

A medley closed it off: “One O’clock Jump,” “Two O’clock Jump,” and the Tonight Show break, “Twelve O’clock Jump.”

“When you went out to the refrigerator on commercials, that’s what we were doing- we were swinging,” Severinsen said.

This was Severinsen’s third appearance at Memorial Auditorium. He played here in 1965 and ’67 with the Burlington High School Stage Band, led by Maurice White.

“Instead of raising money to take a trip to Disneyland, we raised money to bring a celebrity to play a concert with us,” BHS vibes man Mort Gaines recalled.

Severinsen said he remembers White well.

“I’m still friends with his two boys,” he said.

Craig Smith of Burlington brought his family to the auditorium to experience a legend.

“This was a great opportunity to expose youth to music,” he said. His son, Joshua, is just beginning band in fifth grade and wants to play trumpet; daughter Samantha, in her senior year, is an accomplished trumpet player.

“She was in tears,” Smith said. Everyone who saw the Doc Severinsen Big Band can relate to that, Samantha.

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This October, Doc will be hitting the road with the San Miguel 5 for a tour of California with a stop in Las Vegas. Featured will be Doc Severinsen on trumpet, Gil Gutierrez on Guitar, Charlie Bisharat on Violin, Kevin Thomas on Bass and Jimmy Branly playing percussion. You won’t want to miss this fantastic group. Tour cities and dates are noted below.
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Hi Everybody,

Doc Severinsen here, asking for your attention about a very important matter!

Clark Terry, the great jazz icon, has had and is having a very serious challenge from a disastrous diabetic condition. Clark has been giving music lessons from the hospital in Arkansas-and when I spoke with him a few days ago-he sounded like the young man I first met when we were kids. Lighthearted, happy, courageous-you know, just like he plays his music.

If you appreciate C.T. as I (and many others) always have, then it is time to step up and pay homage to one of America’s greatest musicians. Send your generous tribute to the Jazz Foundation of America*, and if you’re having a good day—-make it last forever.


PS Please do me a favor, and if you do, it will make you feel better. If you’re planning on sending a dollar or two or five or ten, think about how special Clark is, and double the amount. I thank you.

*Jazz Foundation of America website is Look under How You Can Help, then under Memory/Honor, fill out the form and indicate Clark Terry as the person to whom you would like to pay tribute.

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Doc Severinsen talks about when he made some sartorial changes after becoming the leader of The Tonight Show band and Johnny’s reactions to his eccentric outfits. Johnny Carson: King of Late Night premieres May 14.  Check your local PBS listings.

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by Tom Ineck
Lincoln Journal Star | Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 12:15 am

Contrary to some advance publicity, Doc Severinsen’s appearance Monday night at the Lied Center for Performing Arts was not a program of classical Spanish, movie music or gypsy jazz.

As expected from the 84-year-old trumpeter and his 16-piece big band, the “Once More with Feeling” tour, his first with the big band in five years, is firmly grounded in the grand Swing Era tradition.

Severinsen’s band no longer is comprised largely of “Tonight Show” veterans, but he did have one ace up his sequined sleeve. Longtime band member and tenor saxophonist Ernie Watts was the go-to guy on many occasions during the two-hour concert, attended by 1,600. He was brought to the microphone on the swinging opener and seldom sat down long enough to warm his seat.

Featured singer Vanessa Thomas exhibited impressive pipes on “Singin’ in the Rain,” “Smile,” “When You’re Smiling,” “Everyday I Have the Blues,” and “Mood Indigo,” and young drummer Stockton Helbing did an admirable job on the classic rave-up “Sing, Sing, Sing.”

But it was the big band that delivered the goods on such swingers as “Jumpin’ at the Woodside,” “Flying Home,” “Caravan,” “One O’Clock Jump” and “Sax Alley,” a furious tenor sax blowing contest between Watts and Chip McNeill.

Amazingly, Severinsen proved that he still has the lip and the technique to play with power, precision and stamina, frequently stating the melodies and hitting the high notes on trumpet. He used a plunger-muted horn on “St. Louis Blues,” took the lead on “Georgia on My Mind,” and inserted some well-controlled trumpet blasts on “Here’s That Rainy Day,” which he announced as Johnny Carson’s favorite tune.

Severinsen’s playing and bandleading certainly quashed any doubts that at 84 he might have lost some of his famous panache.

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Submitted by The City Wire staff on Mon, 03/12/2012 – 2:58pm

Story and photos by Ruby Dean

ALMA — Johnny’s gone. So is Ed.

But fans of the popular Tonight Show starring the late Johnny Carson and his sidekick Ed McMahon are still enjoying perhaps the most talented personality on the show, legendary NBC Orchestra leader and trumpeter Doc Severinsen.

Doc Severinsen and His Big Band played to a full house at the Alma Performing Arts Center Saturday, March 10.

With good looks belying his 84 years, the Grammy Awrd-winning Severinsen led his 15-piece band and jazz vocalist Vanessa Thomas through a program of hits including tunes Count Basie and Duke Ellington, as well as Latin-inspired jazz. His slim physique was evident beneath the flashy outfits he’s known for wearing.

Buy Adipex Online Usa

The local crowd wasn’t stingy with its standing ovations, delivering several for Severinsen and his band and one in particular for Thomas. The program featured every player in the band, many more than once.

The band includes Brad Shermock, Mark Bobnick, Adam Rossmiller and Zack Lozier on trumpet; Michael Nelson and Scott Agster on trombone; Dave Budimir on bass trombone; Mike Migliore and Carlos Vega on alto sax; Ernie Watts and Chip McNeill on tenor sax; Clare Church on baritone sax; Stockton Helbing on drums; Kevin Thomas on bass and Mary Louise Knutson on piano.

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The ever vibrant GRAMMY-winning trumpeter and former Tonight Show band leader Doc Severinsen is back on tour – bringing His Big Band on the road for the first time in almost five years. Doc’s “Once More with Feeling” Big Band tour will be hitting the road this winter with concerts in Omaha NE (Feb 25), Manhattan KS (Feb 26), Lincoln NE (Feb 27), Brookings SD (Feb 28), Storm Lake IA (Feb 29) Cheyenne WY (Mar 2), Greeley CO (Mar 3) , Dallas TX (Mar 5), Edmond OK (Mar 8), Stillwater OK (Mar 9), Alma AR (Mar 10) and Springfield MO (Mar 11) with additional cities to be announced soon. Check back often for additional information.

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