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by Wendi Winters on November 18, 2016 Five BRASS Stars! Doc Severinsen may have not appeared on your screen since Johnny Carson turned the keys to The Tonight Show over to Jay Leno in 1992, but he hasn’t slowed down. Hired as a musician for NBC’s radio network in 1949 and, later, a familiar face […]

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Johnny Carson called him “the greatest trumpeter in the world” in 1972. Robert Moody, music director of the Winston-Salem Symphony, also said that he is one of the finest trumpet players in the world. But Carl H. “Doc” Severinsen, 89 and still playing about 50 dates a year, is hedging his bets. “The trumpet is […]

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Phentermine Cheap

By Brett Turner Contributing Writer SPRINGFIELD — With Grammy Awards and a place on one of the greatest shows in television history in his past, you’d think legendary trumpet player and “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson” big band leader Doc Severinsen would slow down in his golden years. Not when he can still play […]

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Civic Music debuts new season with no holds barred. Concert Review, September 22, 2013 By Bob Saar for The Hawk Eye Burlington Civic Music kicked off its new season Sunday afternoon at Memorial Auditorium with a bang that compelled the huge audience to whimper. The Doc Severinsen Big Band gave the old building new life, […]

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This October, Doc will be hitting the road with the San Miguel 5 for a tour of California with a stop in Las Vegas. Featured will be Doc Severinsen on trumpet, Gil Gutierrez on Guitar, Charlie Bisharat on Violin, Kevin Thomas on Bass and Jimmy Branly playing percussion. You won’t want to miss this fantastic […]

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Hi Everybody, Doc Severinsen here, asking for your attention about a very important matter! Clark Terry, the great jazz icon, has had and is having a very serious challenge from a disastrous diabetic condition. Clark has been giving music lessons from the hospital in Arkansas-and when I spoke with him a few days ago-he sounded […]

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Doc Severinsen talks about when he made some sartorial changes after becoming the leader of The Tonight Show band and Johnny’s reactions to his eccentric outfits. Johnny Carson: King of Late Night premieres May 14.  Check your local PBS listings. Doc Severinsen Outtake

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by Tom Ineck Lincoln Journal Star | Posted: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 12:15 am Contrary to some advance publicity, Doc Severinsen’s appearance Monday night at the Lied Center for Performing Arts was not a program of classical Spanish, movie music or gypsy jazz. As expected from the 84-year-old trumpeter and his 16-piece big band, the […]

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Submitted by The City Wire staff on Mon, 03/12/2012 – 2:58pm Story and photos by Ruby Dean ALMA — Johnny’s gone. So is Ed. But fans of the popular Tonight Show starring the late Johnny Carson and his sidekick Ed McMahon are still enjoying perhaps the most talented personality on the show, legendary NBC Orchestra […]

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The ever vibrant GRAMMY-winning trumpeter and former Tonight Show band leader Doc Severinsen is back on tour – bringing His Big Band on the road for the first time in almost five years. Doc’s “Once More with Feeling” Big Band tour will be hitting the road this winter with concerts in Omaha NE (Feb 25), […]

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